Thursday, January 11, 2007

Please not that weekend!

Real Madrid has decided that they do not want to renew David Beckham's contract, so today, Beckham announced that he has signed a 5 year, $250 million dollar deal with MLS's LA Galaxy.

So why is he rambling about soccer on the running blog, and what the hell does the title of this post mean anyway, you might be asking yourself. Well, it has been also reported that Beckham's first game in MLS will likely be when the Galaxy face off with DC United at RFK, here in DC, in August.

I mention it here, because the game is just said to be in "late August" (the season schedule is not finalized yet). There are 4 dates that in my mind qualify as late August that the game could be on. One of them is Saturday, August 25, the weekend of the Great River Relay. (Last year, the Galaxy played at DC on Saturday, August 26th) I am hoping that it is not this date. It would be extremely cool to see this game, though since I would rather run, if I had to choose, I would choose the race.

Also, MLS Cup is in DC this year, so I will be going to that, too. For all you soccer fans out there, froth with jealousy!

Edited 2007-01-12: Rumor has it the game will not be that weekend; from what I've heard, it looks like I will be in town for the game. Sweet.


Danielle said...

Does that mean Posh Spice is going to be prancing around DC some times in August? Don't lie. That's the real reason you are excited about this.

Jay T said...

I wouldn't stress too much yet. I've read that his contract ends at the end of June, which means he could start playing in July. In theory.

And if it does end up being on the same day as the relay, the simple solution is to get a van with a television. Just make sure your leg doesn't happen during the match.

Joe said...

Danielle: You got it. I already told my friends I have season tickets with that's the real reason I want to go. :)

Jay: DC United sent an email to all season ticket holders today, and in it, they said that the DC game would likely be Beckham's first game in MLS. That's where I got that idea from...

Jay T said...

I got that e-mail too. When I did the calendar math in my head, my first thought was it's a cleaver marketing ploy by the front office. Use the possibility of the debut to drive up interest in the game. Granted, it would work way better if tickets were actually on sale.

Now we just have to wonder if United will have enough players to field a team. Seems like half the team is gone now.

Joe said...

I have heard that United should be announcing their schedule in about 2 weeks, but the proposed date for the Galaxy game is closer to the middle of the month (maybe the 8th or 11th or something like that).

CNN's story the day of the signing said he was coming in August. That's why I believed United's email. You could be right, I haven't seen much info other than what i've read in a few news stories and the United email.

At least they have a few months to finish replacing everyone they've gotten rid of. There are a bunch of us on my co-ed team that would play if they need some help. :)

jeanne said...

oooh, when will it be? My kid was in sevilla when madrid played them, and she MISSED the game because they changed the date at the very last minute! so it would be too exciting to see it here in d.c.!