Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The check is in the mail...

Oh, so I neglected to mention that I actually signed up for the triathlon. Money has been sent in. I am now committed. And it's in a week and a half.

Now, if some people refer to sprint tris as baby tris, this triathlon is positively fetal. It's indoors. And instead of having to complete a certain distance, all you have to do is swim for 7 minutes, bike for 18 minutes, and run for 15 minutes.

And because they are silly, they decide who the winners are based on total distance travelled.

So basically I don't even have to get in the water. But I will. And I get 7 minutes for T1, so I can totally swim in my bathing suit and change.

But anyways, only 40 minutes of exercise? Because of my marathoning memories, it almost seems like only 40 minutes on a Saturday morning (long run day!) means I will have to go to the gym after this is finished.

Oh yeah, and I ran one whole mile on sunday (in a whopping 13 minutes), but without any hammy pain, so yay! So I figure 15 minutes is no problem if I take it easy.

Well, this tri will totally be all about the bike. Since it is on a stationary bike, I actually need to go the gym and figure out my strategy - keep the resistance too low and you don't get as much bang for your buck; too high and it is like you are crawling up hills.

So my goals would be to swim 300 yds, bike 5 miles, and run 1.25 miles (I want to say 1.5, but trying to run too fast is what made my hamstring start hurting again after my last break). I am not going to be devastated if I don't meet them. The glory of this style of triathlon is that there is no such thing as a DNF!

In totally unrelated news, but because I just did this in the middle of writing this post, I just took the online test to be a Jeopardy contestant. I don't actually want to go on Jeopardy, but I just want to pass their stupid test as a matter of pride. If I actually got on the show, I would give a series of really stupid answers, even though I know the answers, and embarass myself. I embarass myself enough as it is, without doing it on national TV.

I'll admit that I sort of cheated. No, I didn't sort of cheat, I actually cheated. I told my roommate I was doing this and she said "I want to help!" And who am I to decline a friend? So all the questions I couldn't answer, she would either answer or quickly google (since you only have 10 seconds).

The funniest part was that the first question was a Bible quote and since Samantha has the whole entire Bible memorized that was a breeze (I don't think I have cracked a Bible since my Catholic school days). I don't think the Bible says anything specific about cheating on Jeopardy exams.

But I hang my head in shame as I could not think of Steve Carrell's name in response to who plays Michael Scott on The Office. I just had a total brain freeze. Same with the capital of Kentucky (Frankfort). I know that useless shit, damnit!


Audrey said...

That tri is so funny! I'm interested to hear how it goes. I guess they keep the times so short b/c they have to get everyone on the equipment? Should be fun times. Keep up posted!

Lisa said...

Funnily enough, I've always kind of thought, "If Danielle and I were on Jeopardy together, so that I could to the Bible questions, we'd kick ass!"

If I ever make it to Ames, Sam and I will have to have a Bible Trivia showdown.

Lisa said...

ps good luck on the Tri!

Danielle said...

Sam says you'd win.

Jay T said...

Dude, if you win a spot on the show, just give it to me! I've been wanting to get on Jeopardy! for years. I couldn't do this online test because it required a...*sigh*...PC. Shunned again!

And have fun with the short, wacky tri!

Laurie said...

I don't think the Bible says anything specific about cheating on Jeopardy exams.

How would you know if you don't have it memorized? ;)

Good luck with your wacky tri!