Thursday, January 18, 2007

They just don't get it

Conversation I had at work today:

Co-worker: Why are you wearing sneakers instead of regular shoes?
Me: My knee aches a little lately from running.
Co-worker: Why don't you stop running for a while? Then you can wear normal shoes again.
Me: I like running more than my job. Given the choice, I'd rather run than work.
Co-worker: [blinks a few times and gives me a "you're the short bus kind of special, aren't you" look that I seem to get a lot]


Laurie said...

I would have loved to see his/her expression.

Audrey said...

people are dumb. who would give up their hobby to wear dress shoes? honestly, dress shoes shouldn't even exist. when i'm in charge of the universe they're the first thing to go.

Danielle said...

I'm living in Audrey's universe once she's in charge!

Al Dimond said...

You could move to the west coast. Out dress codes tend to range from lax to nonexistent. My friend Nick had an internship at Microsoft (near Seattle), and he wore pajamas to work every day (he also did this in college; I've only seen him dressed otherwise once, and that was when we were giving a presentation on a project we did). It's not too different where I work in the bay area.