Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So that's what doing volunteer work gets me...

My roomate Sam and I mentor two girls at a residential treatment facility for kids with serious behavior problems (as in, they have been removed from their homes by the state). Every Wednesday night we hang out with them. They are good kids, but have issues. Anyways, tonight one of the girls had been bad today (she hits when she gets angry), so I had to stay on campus with her and hang out there in the unit where she lives (about 10 kids live in each unit and they have a common area and kitchen and dedicated staff).

So why on earth am I writing about this here? Well, in the middle of our Crazy 8s marathon, the woman who works there says to me "Make sure you use the Germinex before you leave. There's highly contagious influenza A and hand-mouth disease going around the unit." So thanks for telling me after the girl who was apparently supposed to be quaratined in her room with the flu spent five minutes looking over my shoulder and coughing. And after I spent an hour playing cards which I am sure are just riddled with kid germs.

I better not get sick. I am supposed to start to try running again on Sunday. It will have been five weeks by then! Also, I am actually going through with it, but I haven't registered yet. I know a battle with the flu will most likely make me wuss out, even though I already convinced Chrissy to do it with me. Also, I am pretty sure that if I get hand-mouth disease, they won't let me near the pool :-)

I have no clue how teachers survive being around germy kids all day.


Audrey said...

i don't like kids. that's really cool you mentor. that is really not cool they have contagious diseases and no one told you. ew.

you are signed up for a tri super soon!!!! that will be really fun and will totally mark your return to good health!

Laurie said...

I sure hope you don't get sick. They really should have told you about the sick kids when you arrived. Some people!

I am so happy for you that you are doing your first tri!