Monday, January 01, 2007

Who would run in this crap?

The other day, when I was trying to find a picture of my new running shoes on the Adidas site, I stumbled across their new line of sports clothes. Designed by Stella McCartney. The running outfits are ridiculous. Who thought this crappy idea up?

I wouldn't be caught dead running in any of these outfits! I mean, this girl is wearing a parka! She looks like she is running to lodge for a hot toddy! To admit my prejudice, I can't stand matchy matchy runners. Sometimes it happens by accident, like I like blue, so I buy a lot of blue stuff and occasionally it matches. But the pink Nike outfit?

I only won't make fun of you if you are blowing by me. And you know what? The women blowing by me are rarely all matchy matchy. Oh Adidas, I am surprised! At least your running line could be functional, even if fugly! On the website there is a girl running through the snow in a singlet and a girl running with a massive backpack on her back that doesn't look like it even has a waist belt.

I just had to rant about that. Happy new year!


Laurie said...

I've secretly always wanted to be the matchy matchy girl. But only if I am fast and thus deserve looking super cute.

But the parka is a bit ridiculous. I will give you that.

Happy 2007!

Al Dimond said...

I ran a race today (it was a random 10k in the Palo Alto baylands, not much to say about it, I'm not really in race shape but just wanted to do something fun for the new year) and a matchy matchy girl beat me.

She was wearing a snazzy dark gray racing suit, stood about 4'10" or so, had really impressive turnover, and passed me about halfway through the race (I went out way too fast). She probably finished well under 38 minutes, I was 38:26.

Danielle said...

Yeah, the fast girls can wear whatever they darn well please :-) I guess anyone can wear what they darn well please, but I don't secretly mock the fast ones :-)

Audrey said...

i think it's lame to be matchy matchy and i go OUT of my way to avoid looking like i care too much about my running outfit.

my parents think if i wore cuter running clothing i would meet a runner boy. my mom stealthily throws out my running shirts whenever she does my laundry.

Joe said...

I have not seen anyone on the trails around DC that match. I've actually been quite shocked, since I expected to see a lot of people who are out just to be seen. I don't have much faith in the humanity of the city I have chosen to live in, apparently. At least it looks like it may be unfounded concern...

jeanne said...

that outfit isn't just's just stupid!