Saturday, January 17, 2009

31 Degrees! That's a heat wave!

Unfortunately, as I have learned since moving to Iowa, unseasonably warm weather is almost always accompanied by massive winds.

So after a bit of a hiatus, I actually ran with my running group this morning. I dragged my butt out of bed at 7:30 and got ready to run six miles.

Except that I totally wussed out and only ran 3.5.

Great half marathon training, huh?

But those winds!

They sucked!

We went out and back and the way out I did in 17 minutes and the way back took 21. It was like running into a wall.

I also wussed out because the other slow person there was only planning on doing three and I couldn't leave him to run back alone, could I? Really, what kind of running friend would I be? John and I go way back as running buddies. Back when I was training for Grandma's, he actually did a 20 mile run with me just for kicks. So I couldn't let him run the mile and a half back by himself, could I?

Tomorrow I think I might bite the bullet and do my "long run" of a meager five miles inside on the track. 12 laps to a mile! I am pretty sure I will mess up counting and that will just throw my anal-retentive OCD brain into a complete tizzy that it can't recover from because GOD FORBID I RUN 4.92 OR 5.08 MILES INSTEAD OF EXACTLY FIVE.

My effing watch is only a 50 lap watch WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME TIMEX?????

Maybe I just need to bring a sharpie and write on my arm or something.


So in completely unrelated stuff that I meant to post around Christmas but things got busy (favorite quote of the week from my cousin "I'm glad to see your mom wore her best sweatpants to the funeral"), I actually nailed my parents Christmas present this year. It was a little pricey since I did everything last minute (who me?). My dad (who I get the anal-retentive OCD brain from) has all their early photos on slides sitting in the basement. So I got a nice digital frame and got a whole bunch of the slides converted to digital format and bam! My mom is still talking about. So anyway, I thought I would share some of my favorites (although I sorta realize now that most of the people that read this blog are my Facebook friends so they have seen them already):
My dad, who totally looks like he is posing for a magazine shoot.
I love the plaid pants/patterned sweater combo here...
My mom has a hood on her wedding dress. God bless the 70s! Oh yeah and my mom totally shared this dress with another friend who was getting married near the same time.
My parents had an Irish Setter named Barnaby that they got before they got married. Apparently he accidentally bit me in the head once when I was a baby. Oops!
I am pretty sure if I ever have kids, that I will pose them with the dog as well.
Is it any wonder that I heart big dogs? Please note the bandaids on both my knees. Once a klutz, always a klutz I guess...
Me and my little sister, who is turning 30 this year OMG WE'RE OLD.
Do you see the black socks and white sandals on me? Is it any wonder that to this day I still wear socks with sandals on occasion? Mom, I blame you for my social ostracization.
I remember very little from my childhood, but I remember these skis. I *hated* cross country skiing back then. I made my mom drag me up all the hills. I really didn't rediscover it until I moved to Iowa. Of course there is no way I could find such a rad ski suit to go skiing in.


Jenny Davidson said...


Wendy said...

31 degrees?? I hope you were running in shorts!

(I completely enjoyed those pictures!)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

What, no Leisure Suits?

I haven't seen these pix before and I think they're great.

There exists a picture of Teh 'Bride, who was born with a Giant Brobdignagian head, posed, at like 6 months old, with a Manhattan and a cigarette, which is what '60s parents, who were all hopped up on hootch, did to their kids. These days, Child Services would divest parents of said kids for such behavior. But in those days, Child Services was drunk and out smoking cigarettes most of the time, too.

I scanned that picture years ago and I'd post it to my blog, but I want to LIVE!! LIVE, dammit!! And Teh 'Bride would kill me if I posted it.

Audrey said...


what a fabulous x-mas present!!

btw, i believe you are supposed to be working right now-not blogging? :) um, me too...

Lisa said...

oh my gosh, tiny danielle! I love these pictures.

Rainmaker said...

Wow, the first dog pic is hilarious with the angle. It makes the dog look like a massive creature. :)

Meg said...

It's crazy how much colder wind can make it!
I love those pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Charisa said...

I'm pretty sure I had a plaid dress just like that! Awesome job on the run! :)

Duane said...

Drug your butt out of bed at 7:30? What are you, a college student or something? LOL. Good thing you don't train with me, by 7:30 I have gotten in one - two hours of workout, showered, eaten and have dropped off my girls at two different schools and am on my way to work! Oh this younger generation! :-)

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

these pictures are darling. my parents had an irish setter, but I grew to dislike him because I was in charge of his turds. you can see how that might have impacted my feelings about dogs.

Steve Stenzel said...

Those photos are SO great!! I love the bandaids on both knees!!!

And your mom looks like you in the wedding photo! Really!

Have a good weekend!

jeanne said...

i have bandaids on both knees in all my photos too...including the ones from last week! ha.

you're a cutie and so are your parents.