Saturday, January 31, 2009

Now, where is my spandex bodysuit?

So the Nordic Ski Club had a skiing potluck today. It was gorgeous and sunny and 40 degrees and it was a blast.

And I also found out that they have money for entries to the Mora Vasaloppet.

It's next weekend.

There is a 13k race, which I could totally handle, despite not really training other than skiing a few times a week for fun. But I was out skiing for two hours today over non-groomed trails and I was fine.

But really, I'm totally doing it for the t-shirt.

And perhaps for practice for this next year...

But doesn't "cross-country ski racer" just make me sound even more badass than I already am? Yeah, I thought so.


Lisa said...

do it!

you are the queen of badassery

Wendy said...

Badass!!! You go girl!

Audrey said...

good stuff. spandexy x-country ski racer is very badass.

Audrey said...

i like how the quadrathon keeps getting put off!! :) soon we'll have jobs and time off though!

Rainmaker said...

XC ski racing is hard. I tried one race once...and subsequently wanted to kill myself...less than 2 minutes after starting.