Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I want to be like Joe

Actually, I don't, but he reminded me that I need to register for two upcoming races:

The Doughnut Run (April 23rd)

Yay for Krispy Kremes! I did this 5K last year and it is wicked fun, as long as you can eat doughnuts and run without vomiting. Last year my running time (including the stops to eat doughnuts) was 31:01. I ate three doughnuts so my doughnut time was 29:31 (you get 15 seconds off for the first, 30 for the second, 45 for the third, and 1 min for every doughnut after). I think last year I ate doughnuts in vain, as it took about 30 seconds to scarf each doughnut, so really I just broke even (you have to eat the doughnuts at the water stops so they know you ate them). So this year I am going for four doughnuts. My last 5K was 28:17, so I am going for a sub-28 minute doughnut time. The small goals in life are nice.

Drake Relays Half-Marathon (April 29th)

This is where I exact revenge for Toronto last year. Theoretically we need to add 5 miles on to the end of this run, since we are supposed to do 18 that day, but I don't care. If I have to drag my ass 5 miles after pushing during the half-marry, so be it. It builds character.

No wonder why I am broke - I spend all my money on race registrations. I actually do have a line item in my budget for race registrations but, like the U.S. government and science (specifically fabulous research on transport by intrusions generated by boundary mixing in lakes), I never fund it enough.

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