Saturday, April 22, 2006


I can't think of any other Queen songs. Note I had to take the <> off the title because blogger didn't know what to do with a nonsensical tag and I am not talented enough to make it do what I want :-).

I have been trying to avoid being the only one who posts on this here blog (hey guys, I get bored reading about myself :-)). But apparently I have more rambling and/or procrastinating tendencies than the other five people here.

But today I just want to brag that I ran 17 miles this morning (10:25 min/mi). This is the farthest I have ever run. About eight months ago, when I was training for the Chicago Marathon, I ran 16 miles. But my calf hurt a lot, and after the fateful weekend in Toronto, I had to stop running for like two months. But today nothing hurt! Not the weird nagging thing in my left knee, not the random hip pain, and most importantly, neither of my calves!

It was such a perfect day. It was 45 and sunny when we started at 7am. And maybe because I didn't let certain other team members convince me to stay out late drinking beer like last week, I felt good the whole run. The last mile was rough, but it was awesome to finish (on a hill!) and feel that pure exhaustion and not have it accompanied by some random ache that you worry might debilitate you next week. You know you just had a good long run when everyone comes back with salt visibly crusted on.

Innovation of the day: Mr. Kimberly making us omelets. On the grill.

Unfortunately, I have to spend the rest of this gorgeous day inside, doing work. And because it is VEISHA I rode my bike the few miles to my office at school so I wouldn't have to worry about parking. Let me tell you, those hills between here and home were not pleasant. Here is to hoping I don't die during the 5K tomorrow!

Okay, time to crank up the tunes (I am glad no one else is in my office so I can sing along to Gillian) and start using my EXCEL skills to make pretty spreadsheets for rainwater harvesting in Africa.

Oh yeah, I saw this linked from another blog and it made me laugh and laugh.

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Joe said...

i'd post, but i have no running related news b/c i've been sick since last weekend and haven't run because i can't breathe. it sucks ass. i thought about posting a whining "i can't run b/c i'm sick" post, but i didn't think people wanted to hear that...