Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WTF happened to spring?

Really, that title needs an interrobang.

So on Saturday morning I was trying to decide appropriate attire for a 14 mile run in 30 degree weather. Last night I was doing the same for a 7 miler in 75 degree weather. At least there was a nice breeze (a mere 25 mph out of the south with 40 mph gusts). Only Kimberly, Kecia, and I ran 7 last night. I was actually able to keep up (a rarity) because both of them are still feeling saturday in their legs (probably because they might have been actually picking their feet up the last couple of miles that day). We started out at a nice clip (9:40 min/mile) but in the end we averaged 10:10 as the heat started sapping us. But again nothing hurt, yay! Except for the tops of my feet, because I tied my shoelaces too tight on Saturday and didn't notice until about mile 12. The laces on my Adidas always come undone and I didn't want to have to stop during the race. I think I should get these.

I am planning our run on Saturday and I am torn between laziness (i.e. not wanting to get up any earlier than 6:45) and possible hotness. We are only doing 11 miles (insert yet-to-be-invented emoticon that implies sarcasm), which is technically a rest week, but will still suck if it is hot out. As it is Easter weekend, I think instead of stocking our water stop with gatorade and gels, I think I will just fill the cooler with marshmallow peeps.

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