Sunday, April 16, 2006

Like a rocket ship on it's way to Mars...

A somewhat appropriate Queen reference to keep up Danielle's trend for at least one more message... so in between the dropping out and the throwing up I thought I should post a quick update on how I've run 16km for the last two sundays which, while not quite the mileage being put in by some of you, is something I haven't done in over two years and so far I'm moving along at a decent pace (1h 35m this morning) and feeling better and better about my running with every outing. Not a bad job off 6 weeks training at least. Bring on August!!!

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Danielle said...

Ha! Would you believe I didn't even intend the two Queen references in a row? I just watched Shaun of the Dead today (zombie movies for Easter - I am going to hell), so I think I have Queen on the brain :-)

Glad to hear you are running well! I should have noted that we are training for a marathon in June, so that is why we are putting in long miles.

I will end this with a quote from Joe last night (don't ask how this even came up):

"zombie gandhi would be great. you wouldn't have to worry about him eating your brain"