Saturday, April 08, 2006

Suck it up, princess!

I am going to run off with Lisa's mantra for the day, because that is how I felt all morning. After running 3 miles total two weeks ago then running 30 last week (which I am sure is a recommended jump in mileage), my legs have been wicked tired. Combine that with being sleep deprived from driving out to Grinnell to see Dar Williams on Thursday night and helping Adam celebrate his masters defense last night, waking up at 5:30 this morning (in the dark! stupid Daylight Savings!) was not fun.

We had a 15 mile run scheduled this morning, but we wanted to run an 8K in Des Moines. So before we even started, I ran two miles with Kori (so I only ended up with 14 at the end - Kimberly and the others ran 3 but just made it back to the start). I was afraid I might turn into one of those people who you see jogging a couple of miles before a race. Fortunately, I don't think this gives me any speed advantage, although it was nice to be warmed up. I ran the 8K in 49 minutes exactly. Not a PR by any means, but I can live with it, especially as I wasn't going all out. But it was hard to get through my head that I still had to run another 7 miles after this finished. Especially when people start sprinting by you at the end. Me, competetive? Never!

Man, those last 7 miles I thought I wouldn't make it. Nothing hurt (which I am very happy about), but my legs were like jelly. I wasn't even sure I was lifting my feet off the ground. It was one of those "just put one foot in front of the other" days. But I finished, and my average pace was 10:22/mi, which isn't too horrible for me.

Then I collapsed on the grass next to the car in sheer exhaustion.

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Carmi said...

I admire your courage in even attempting this. Were I in your shoes, I'd be begging for a bicycle so I could ride the same distance.

Safe running.