Monday, June 12, 2006

Gotta be the shoes

My first 9-miler from D's training schedule was three weeks ago, and I skipped it because I was too busy hoarking up nastyness from my cold. This is why I spent all most of last week totally dreading the 9-miler of this weekend; just the thought of adding another mile to the long-ass haul through the cemetery was making me want to barf, a feeling which was just barely alleviated by the purchase of my new million-dolla shoes.

On Saturday, I got so unhappy about the prospect of getting up early on Sunday to run, that I decided to just get it over with. What ended up motivating me was that the realization that, really, 9 miles is only three times, plus a bit, around the park by my house --- the circuit that used to be my "regular" run and is now my "easy" run. I ended up doing just under 4 circuits around my park, which I estimate is a bit less than 10 miles.

However...the new shoes. I'd really love to have the "these shoes and I are soulmates" moment that all my friends seem to be having, but unfortunately that's not what happened.

I am impressed at how I ran so far and my body did not feel like it was going to burst into 10 million painful pieces at the end, nor did my back make its usual snap/crackle/popping noise when I bent over to take my shoes off. BUT: that teeny tiny rub that I noticed in the shoestore (and decided was nothing bad because the shoes are so damn supportive)? It left me with two huge blisters (one on each foot, same spot) and one little one.

Maybe this is just the effect of good shoes straightening out my screwed up feet - like a functional relationship after just coming out of an abusive relationship. But...I don't really want to risk another bad shoe relationshiop. Now my question is: do I return them? Can I return shoes that have run 10 miles? Or is it just a matter of breaking them in?

Sidenote: my first social interaction I have after my weekend long runs is usually church, which means that I end up answering almost every question (from "Hey Lis, can you help me lift this speaker?" and "Can you plug in that monitor over there?" to "How's it going?", "Wanna go pray out on the steps?", and "Who's leading worship tonight?") with some variant on "My ass ran 9 freaking miles this weekend." I hope it's not getting irritating.


Danielle said...

That Blame poster couldn't possibly be more perfect for a relay team :-)

Are your shoes scuffed up? Are they gross on the bottom to the point they couldn't be cleaned up? Normally they tell you to wear new shoes on the treadmill first so you can return them, but I never do that. Well, I might go back to the running store with them and see what they can do. They might not take them back, but they might have some brilliant ideas on how to keep the blisters away (I have none since I have have been blessed with blister-free feet for the past several years). Kori get lots of blisters - maybe she can give you reassurance that it will get better...

Danielle said...

Oh yeah, and congrats for getting almost up to ten!

Lisa said...

I went back. They were NOT into the idea of taking the shoes back, but they WERE into the idea of selling me special fancy socks that will help prevent blisters. I was like, No thanks.


Danielle said...

Boo. I figured they wouldn't but it couldn't hurt to try. A couple of things to try that I have heard work for some people:

1. Put Body Glide on your feet. I *heart* Body Glide - wonderful for all your chafing needs. I guess theoretically Vaseline might work too, but that is a little goopy.

2. Are the blisters on your toes or your feet? You can try toe protectors. They sound really weird, but they have been working wonders for a friend.

3. Two thin pairs of socks. And I would invest in some non-cotton socks if you don't already have them. Cotton is your enemy (for all running clothes).

Joe said...

have you tried body glide? i swear by this stuff. the day i started putting it on my feet for running and soccer, i stopped getting blisters.

Ericka said...

Hey Lisa...what I reccomend is taking your runners to a *gasp* dance shop. i've had years of ballet/getting my ass kicked by pointe shoes, but one thing they do have is wonderful, ubersoft foamy bits for certain tender parts of the feet. they're so that your feet don't start to bleed until later, you know? I jok, but not much. Anyway, I'm 98.7% positive they would work for your runners too. That or moleskin both on your feet and on the outside of your socks so that it wears down the inside of your shoes. I HATE blisters.