Saturday, June 10, 2006

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Even though I have never seen the movie 8 Mile, whenever I run 8 miles, I always sing that song. And Eminem and I both have something in common - our Nike hats. Granted mine is a baby blue visor, so it looks a tad less thuggish. And I definitely don't have that thug mug. Maybe I should try it while I run?

Today was our last long run before the marathon next Saturday. I always hear all this advice about what you are supposed to do the week before, but who knows what actually works. I am still midly concerned about the food issue - I can take about three gels before the next one makes me gag. I sort of feel the same way about Gatorade. And I get really hungry after about 15 miles.

So on both my 20 milers I ate sports bars - a Snickers Marathon Bar and a Clif Bar. That Marathon Bar sunk to the bottom of my stomach like a piece of lead. The Clif Bar was a bit better - today I messed around with them and ate one an hour before the run and then ate almost all of one at the halfway point (I normally only take a few bites at a water stop). I don't think it felt too bad.

I sort of feel like I am getting sucked into this world of "sports" foods/beverages when really what I really need is a banana at mile 15 or so. Unfortunately I am not going to carry a banana for 15 miles and that doesn't fit in my pocket. I am curious what other people eat while running.

I am half tempted to just buy a package of Soft Batch cookies and stick those in my pocket. Yummy, squishy, perfect running and eating food :-) But, since I have never tried that on a long run, probably not a good idea to try it at the marathon.


Lisa said...

You are like the complete antithesis of thug! But picturing you with a do-rag and M&M with a blue visor is very entertaining right now.

I say, go for the cookies on your next long run. I am getting the feeling that this whole sports foods thing is kind of a racket.

Danielle said...

That's the way I am beginning to feel. I first started getting suspicious when I looked at the first ingredients of Powerade and saw water and corn syrup. I can get water and corn syrup from lots of places.

Jamie said...

I would be vastly amused to hear about you puking cookies all over your shoes at about mile 20.

Danielle said...

Hehe, I would be literally "tossing my cookies" in that case :-)

Kori said...

I saw you eyeing that ROCK STAR medal at the grandma's expo. You want the bling. We talked about the bling. You may be a closet thug. I have a whole pose worked out for when we win that medal.

WASSUP. Is that thug talk? I gotta work on that. I think the wassup commercial ruined that word and it is now pop culture and less thuggish. Is thuggish a word? Today I spent four hours in the car listening to a scrabble word game talk show. Apparantly you cannot use x in scrabble, even though it is in the dictionary, but not in the scrabble dictionary. But, you can use ex or exed or exes. Hey, "I exed him." That's gotta be thug talk.

Kori said...

Another side note. You saw all the cool costumes at the marathon, so you know it would be totally okay to deck yourself out with totally otherwise uncarryable things. Pin a banana to your shorts, a peanut butter sandwich to your shirt or fluffernutter (I'm giggling - think you can play THAT in scrabble?) sandwich, whatever you prefer.