Tuesday, June 20, 2006

we family now

During this morning's 6-miler, which was actually a 3-miler due to the blister that wouldn't heal and my iPod that didn't charge, I thought I'd do my bit to dream up the perfect moniker for our team. I came up with the following:

The Commitments (because we're really committed to this mother, and also that was a good movie)
The Prank Monkeys (who doesn't like monkeys? nobody, that's who)
Team Lazy (it was a good name then and it's a good name now!)
Team Midwest is Invincible (I like names that are complete sentences and, on top of that, complete lies)

After that, I thought of that episode of Family Ties where Alex manages Jennifer's pop group and makes them change their name to "The Dynamic Corporate Raiders", and then I just started thinking about how television just isn't what it used to be.
This made me decide that we should get a family-style portrait taken of the 12 of us, at the local Wal-Mart. (I wrote that in bold so you would take notice.)

Anyhoodle, of Koris hilarious list, I most prefer (in order of much I like them):

* Atomic Corn Parade
* We are not runners.
* Mixed Nuts
* mmmmmmm corn
* I'm doing this for the bling


Danielle said...

You guys are all so creative :-)

Or how about we could just go with The Dynamic Corporate Raiders :-) (Where in your brain is there room left for atmospheric physics after remembering useless stuff like this?)

I also like "Team Midwest is Invincible!"

Lisa said...

ahhh, you've found me out: There is no more room for atmospheric physics in here. I get by purely on charm.

Joe said...

I still like [Insert Witty Team Name here].

As for Kori's list, my 2 favorites were Atomic Corn Parade and mmmmm corn.