Sunday, June 18, 2006

Team Name Ideas

Danielle was giving me a hard time about coming up with team name ideas. I tend to stay away from the whole midwest or iowa thing because I don't like all the stereotyping stuff. But hey. . .here goes.

The agony of dafeet.
Pig tails and corn tassels.
Alcoholics Unanimous.
Git'Er Done
Almost never triumphant.
Flat and proud.
Not all tassels are found at a strip club (there's my corn reference)
We are not runners.
Atomic Corn Parade
Ain't no grandma's run (in honor of Danielle)
B hind Me
Back Seat diversion
Don't pass me
Bad Gas - stay far back
Band O Bandits
Barn Yard Bandits
I'm doing this for the bling (if we get medals at the finish)
bloody toes
Corn state colonic
Rookies, and passing you
Show me your bloody nipples
hills suck
Blistered Buns
Midwest Magic
Mixed Nuts
mmmmmmm corn
Toe Jammers
Midwest Moonshiners
I'd rather be watching movies
If we win, we'll get mullets
Midwest Mush
Naughty As All Git Up
Wild Corn Rookies
Will Run for Food

I'll keep thinking. I'm getting stuck. I'm hungry. mmmmmmm.


Jamie said...

I would pay real American dollars if y'all *did* get mullets upon victory. That would be hilarious.

Joe said...

Nice list Kori! Some of these are hysterical.

Danielle said...

Kori, you rock! I hope thinking of all these gave you something to do on the drive from Duluth to Milwaukee! See this is the benefit of having a marketing person on our team :-)

They are all funny - my faves are:
Pig Tails and Corn Tassels
I'm doing this for the bling (although there is no medal, but I count t-shirts as bling :-))
Hills Suck
Blistered Buns
Mixed Nuts
Mmmmm Corn
If we win, we'll get mullets
Midwest Mush
Will Run for Food

Kori said...

Hey Danielle, I want to read your update on grandma's. I'm stuck in this hotel room on my own and need some diversions.

Kori said...

Do Run Run Run

Get's me singing. Good team name.