Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Each year, I name the year like on the chinese place mats. 2006 is the year of the closed toe shoes.

My legs look better from the ankles up than they did before I was a runner, but from the ankle down, it's an entirely different story. Do you remember when you were losing your teeth and you would wiggle and wiggle your tooth until it was hanging from your gums and definately should have been pulled days ago? I have a toenail like that. I also have a toenail that is so black, I think it is actually four black toenails layered on top of eachother. Last night, I had a great 8 mile run - I felt so good, I went to the gym to lift weights when I was done. I haven't had a run like that in a long time. But, I wore the wrong socks and I have a blister the likes of which people have never seen. I actually limped about the house last night - from a blister!

Life as a runner is hard.


Danielle said...

The big question is if Craig thinks black toenails are sexy :-) Or does he makes you wear socks to bed at night?

You should show those toes out in the open like a badge of honor! I guess that is easy for me to say as I haven't lost a toenail in over five years.

P.S. I am glad you had a good run last night! I hope that hopes your motivational crisis!

Kori said...

I do think my motivational crisis is over. I'm so excited. I'd have to become obsessed with somehting else, like removing beer can tabs and hanging them from the couch or something equally exciting if I were not a runner.

Sometimes, when I feel really sexy, I rub my feet, especially my toes, all over craig. He is sure to run for cover and I get a good night's sleep.

And, I didn't mention this. But I got a wart. I really did. I think I must have gotten it from the gym showers. Yuck! I've never had one before and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I bought my first bottle of wart remover.

See, now, you'll never want to borrow my shoes!! ha :)

Lisa said...

I had a double black toenail two summers ago. It was fun - like every morning you get to wake up and your toenail has done something new.