Wednesday, May 10, 2006


So, a few weeks ago I made peeps at my church start a running group with me, mostly because I need people to keep me company and get me to move my ass when I'm not in the mood. I'm glad to say it's growing and people are into it. We've named it the Frunning Club...Freedomize (<--our church name...yes, it is weird) running...Fun running...Fucking running...whatever. Frunning: it's the new fugly.

Aaaaaanyways. So we've mostly been doing slow 5Ks around Queen's Park (= like a track, except with lots of trees...a sad excuse for a park, really), but last night the only person who could make it out was a girl who'd never come out before and who, unlike the rest of us, is a serious runner. So I did my 5-miler at Andrea's pace, and it was awesome...the cobwebs, they's gone. If I play this right, I might be able to ensnare her into our team.

However, today my foot hurts in a freaky way, for which I blame my stupid shitty shoes from freaking Footlocker.

Some little skanky chick made fun of us as we passed her, and I'm pleased to say that I totally ignored her and kept on running. If this had happened during the first two weeks after I got back from my trip to India last year, she would have learned what a knuckle sandwich tastes like.

Distance: 8K...or thereabouts
Song in my head: Girlyman, Amaze me
memorable quote: "Hey, it's Mark!"


Joe said...

you totally shoulda hit that girl. she so deserved it. she's probably reading this blog right now laughing b/c she knows you won't do anything. she's taunting you! kick her ass next time you see her, it's the only way.

Liz said...

"fuck freedomize!"

Liz said...

just kidding to everybody that doesn't know that inside joke... i don't really either but i found it in my quote book in andy's handwriting. hmmm?