Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oh Google, how you offend my vanity!

So they posted the results from the Drake Relays. I have a (probably unhealthy - but don't lie, you know you do it too) habit of googling myself occasionally. After a page of nerdy stuff and bad photos, my race results start popping up. And all I have to say is "Why Google? Why oh why must some of the worst races I have ever run pop up first?" I mean the first race that pops up is an 8 miler that I did like in 1:30. Google doesn't let me put up a disclaimer that says "This is the first time I had ever run 8 miles! And it was a trail race! And I was running with like five pounds of mud on my shoes! And some stupid ATVers pulled up the directionals AND the 7 mile marker so we got lost and also got discouraged about never hitting 7 miles and thinking we were running 15 min/mi!" Why do they put up that race and not the 8 miler I just did in Hawaii where my pace was 9:30? Saturday's results pop up second for races. While my time wasn't that bad (for me), I actually finished like 45 of 50 for women in my age group. I blame it on the rain - I figure all the wussy people stayed home :-) Plus I ran 3 mile beforehand!I am still wicked tired from Saturday. My run yesterday sucked. I ran on the treadmill. Now here is a question for debate - is the treadmill harder or easier than the street? I think harder, Lisa thinks easier. I have heard physics explanations for both. Who knows which is right?

Today I could only do 4 miles (10:16 pace) before my calves started throbbing. Well, I guess that is what rest weeks are for - taking it easy.

I am contemplating rescinding my general non-meat eating until the marathon. I am worried about protein and muscle recovery. I don't know any vegetarian marathon runners, so I am not sure if it can be done healthily. I am sure it can, but there is only so much tofu and beans I can eat. Man, I haven't had steak in a long long time. Mmmm, meat.


Joe said...

treadmill is *waaaaay* easier than street running, at least in my experience. easier by like multiple factors of 10.

Kori said...

Treadmill is WAAAAAAAAy harder than street running. Ah, the tedium, and then my feet - plod, plod, plod, plod. . . .is this only a 10 minute mile. . . .OH MY GOD. . . .check out that woman running on the treadmill in pantyhose in front of me. . . .are those really pantyhose. . .ah yes, they are. .. .okay so that took 30 seconds of contemplation. . . . .wow, she's in shape. . . .oh, I'm looking at her butt. . . .oh no. . .do you think people look at my butt. . . . well, can't blame them, cause treadmills are so dang boring!!!!!

Yeah. . . if you can follow that line of thought. . .that's what I think of treadmills!!!

Danielle said...

Kori, you crack me up! Thank goodness the treadmills at Ames Raquet and Fitness are the last row so that no one is behind you to look at your butt.